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 North America FEZ Terminology

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PostSubject: North America FEZ Terminology   Sat Nov 12, 2011 9:47 am

We do have a couple of chinese players with us here in BraveSoul and Sze had brought to my attention that she didn't know a lot of the things we say. So i'm going to put some terms we used in North America FEZ.
If I miss anything please feel free to add to this list.


Term ----------------Definition

WW = War Workshop. This is the building where Giants are summoned.

GoH = Gate of Hades. This is the building where Wraith are summoned.

Chim = Shorthand for Chimera. I haven't seen it used in HK FEZ so here it is.

DS = Dragon Soul. It's the red crystal that automatically summons you into dragon when your army sucks.

BB = Beast Blood. Beast Blood + Capella Water + Chimera Book = Chimera Blood (For summon Chimera)

= Mission Map. Some Chinese may refer to this as "Nation Task".

OS = Official Shop. Also refered as "Nation Shop. You need 12/12 MM's to get NEW OS.

Sap = Literally means to "Drain". So when we call it out to attack obelisks, we're asking to help 'Drain' or 'Take Away' HP of an Obelisk. "Help Sap Ob!"

Ob = Obelisk. I believe it's used in HK too but I wanted to put it out anyways.

OMW = "On My Way". This is often said when someone in our team needs help and we must respond quickly.

Person 1: "Help me sap [D] Ob!"
Person 2: "omw"

AFK = Away From Keyboard. We say this when obviously we must take care of IRL* things.

IRL* = In Real Life.

QQ = To Cry. We use it sometimes as a comeback or as a joke. The double Q's represent crying eyes.
Common comeback
Person 1: " Lagger I can't even hit you!"
Person 2: "QQ More!"

And in joking situations

Person 1: "I want cake D:"
Person 2: "I'm eating cake right now, Nub"
Person 1: "QQ"

OP = Over-powered or TOO strong. Like Cestus class! >=o With their little....purple-y hand attack!

LOL = Laugh Out Loud. Means what you just said or did is -funny-. Nobody really "laughs out loud" in real life. Maybe just a big smile. [ Maybe a few of you do ].

GTFO = Get the Fuck Out. Asking someone to leave impolitely. We say it jokingly... most of the time.

Scenario 1
Person 1: "Want to SKYPE with me?!"
Person 2: "gtfo Adicus -_-"
Person 1: " QQ"

STFU = Shut the Fuck Up. Asking someone to stop talking/typing in an impolite manner. Also used jokingly most of the time.

Scenario 1
Person 1: " Your outfit makes you look fat"
Person 1: " Lol stfu"

JK = Just Kidding. This means what we just said shouldn't be taken seriously. But perhaps it was half-meant. like "I'm going to kill obs with Chimera LOL jk"

Noob = Or Newbie is a slang term for somebody inexperienced in any profession or activity. Contemporary use can particularly refer to a beginner or new user of computers, often concerning Internet activity, such as online gaming. ...

Person 1: "What is obs?"
Person 1: "Guild me pls can someone give me gold plox"

Person 2: "gtfo noob"

(Sadly there are people like that. Like Person 2 that is. )

Plox = A really annoying way of saying "Please".

Feel free to add more!

SABO - Sabo means somebody that will mess up a war REALLY badly on your -own- army. They will place GOH at frontlines.... Put Double or even triple obs in one location...put WW in odd places...
or ever just put the castle somewhere REALLY bad. Sabo is shorthand for the word Sabotage.

Deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something).

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PostSubject: re:North America FEZ Terminology   Sat Nov 12, 2011 9:39 pm

Renzo: simple means mama, mother. The god mother spirit of bravesoul lol!
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PostSubject: Re: North America FEZ Terminology   Sun Dec 04, 2011 8:33 pm

Forgot Sabo.
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PostSubject: Re: North America FEZ Terminology   

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North America FEZ Terminology
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