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 The new npc --- free weapons and pots

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PostSubject: The new npc --- free weapons and pots   Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:27 am

ok, so you talk to that npc and press the first option there as shown.

The you go to the map, and is that one i have selected if you can see it Razz (sorry)

Then you go to [C:6] and you will see these "ghosts" (well thats how the npc called them anyways Razz )

Then of coz, you killed them all, and if not, they kill you Smile hahha jks. they are really bad at fighting - - so then you get those boxes.

open them and you will see those are the things i got from them and the 2nd one is what you really need. Smile

Go back to that npc and he will tell you, you have completed it. Smile

Then since that combine npc is gone, so you might want to go to the one at wonderland Smile (this is only for the second time of the quest, since the first time, you will only need to talk to the npc and you will get your weapon Smile )

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PostSubject: Re: The new npc --- free weapons and pots   Sat Dec 03, 2011 7:29 pm

Can seem to do the pots part more then once just did it like 6x in a row


I am Metalman
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The new npc --- free weapons and pots
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