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 About the event after the 1/26 maintenance

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PostSubject: About the event after the 1/26 maintenance   Mon Jan 16, 2012 8:11 pm

Could someone explain better than google.translate?

1. 20等級或以上的角色登記 -> 記下自己的種族
2. 1月26日維護後打國戰儲分
3. 找NPC兌換屬於自己種族的禮花
4. 不斷打國戰不斷換禮花 XD (要多過20場啊)
5. 三個種族最多禮花的就可以抽20次獎囉
禮花數量以全伺服器總數量計算, 所以人人都可以換禮花, 人人都有機會影響哪個種族, 只是沒報名的角色不可以抽獎而已, 不過初音給你一個溫馨提示, 禮花在之後還有其他用途, 不要把它用掉啊, 對了! 我還有一個活動被叮叮改了一個膠味濃的名字orz, 又是新玩法~敬請期待 ( ̄ー ̄)ノ
惠惠子我們沒有忘記啊, 那麼快開放新年不就沒東西好玩了嗎

[Tone] come on join us ~ let me simply tell us!!!
1. registration-> Note the role of his grade or above race
2. On January 26 after maintaining war reserve Division
3. Fireworks NPC exchanged their own race.
4. Constantly war for firework XD (to more than 20)
5. Three race up to 20 award la firework Fireworks can drainage quantity measured by the total number of servers, so everyone can exchange their Fireworks, everyone had the opportunity to affect the race, but no application role cannot draw, but audio and give you a hint at the beginning, also has other uses after the Fireworks, do not put it out, Ah, right! I also have an activity was changed by bite bite a plastic rich name Orz, and a new game ~ coming soon ( ̄ー ̄) ノ Hui Huizi we have not forgotten, so quickly did open new year's no fun no
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About the event after the 1/26 maintenance
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